Our Philosophy


Our Philosophy:

We are called to service by the wonderful quote attributed to Margaret Wheatley (though she attributes it to high school in Vermont where she seen it written on their gymnasium walls). Take care of yourself, take care of each other, take care of this place. These words of wisdom align with Indigenous teachings as well and are so much more than a philosophy -rather they are a way of life. This ripple affect is woven into all the services we offer and is the foundation for much of our curriculum.

Take Care of Yourself: When we love and nurture ourselves only then can we truly love and nurture others. As a part of owning a human development company focused on personal and professional positive growth, we live into this teaching through nurturing our mind, body and spirit. We know we can best serve others when we take care of ourselves. We take care of ourselves through our daily wellness practises, time management, self care and lifelong learning so we can deliver the highest quality of service and supports to our clients.

Take Care of Each Other: We know being of service to others helps make our world a better place. We serve others through our services and our community contributions. Whether we are donating services pro bono or making financial contributions to community causes we take care of each other because we recognize positive change is more sustainable when you work together.

For the balance of 2018 we are providing services to a group 12 Indigenous learners on a 6-month Essential Skills / Employment Readiness Journey. We have delivered 2 workshops so far and will be delivering at least 2 more in addition to donating a completion bonus to the group upon their graduation. The love is reciprocal as the learners have so much knowledge to share on what skills and supports are required to help them be successful not only on their employment journey but in life. Their resiliency and commitment to creating the change they want to see in their life serves as Vitamin I (inspiration) to Imagination FX and for that we are so grateful.

Take Care of This Place: We all have a role and responsibility to take care of this place. Imagination FX contributes to keep our world healthy and sustainable through our Bee Tee’s. Our bee-tees are both motivational and inspirational AND contribute to the movement to save our bees. Did you know bees pollinate 80% of our food crops. No bees - no food. We are excited to share 10% of the profits of our tee’s with Bee City Canada http://www.beecitycanada.org/about-us/mission/ If you want to bee the change with this initiative click here to learn more https://imagination-fx.myshopify.com/